Reverse videos have been used for multiple purposes including creating music videos, special effects for films, short films and even advertisements. The reversal makes regular footage look surreal and allows filmmakers to create unique stories from normal situations. Also, reverse video can be used to create both comical and eerie effects, depending on the content of the original video.

Whatever mood or tone you’re looking for your video, the tools to reverse are in Premiere Pro.

Reverse video in Premiere Pro

Step 1: Select the frame that needs to be reversed

On the timeline, among the video series, we choose the frame that we want to reverse.

Step 2: Choose the effect «Speed/Duration»

Right-click on the selected frame and select «Speed/Duration».

Reverse video in premiere pro: options

Step 3: Put a tick on «Reverse speed»

In the window that appears, click the check mark next to «Reverse speed». Click «OK» button.

How to reverse video in Premiere Pro: options

Congratulations! Your video will now play in reverse. 


What is the first reverse video effect in movie?

In 1896, Louis Lumiere made the film «Demolition of a Wall» where workers tear down a wall, and then the footage rewinds and the wall stands up again. That’s the first known use of the reverse effect in the film.

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