In the realm of video content production, you need to be able to work not only with video but also with audio materials. Often the sound can be recorded directly into the camera being shot. And then the video editor must also process the audio separately. To do this, it can be separated from the video to make it easier to work with.

The Importance of Audio Detachment

Such a function is created so that video editors have the opportunity to process each process separately. This not only saves time but also allows you to focus on a specific process (video or audio). Because working with sound is fundamentally different from working with video.

Detaching audio is convenient for tasks such as censoring audio, eliminating unwanted background noise, or separating audio for various mounting manipulations. It is a common practice in the video editing industry. It allows the user to apply different effects and EQs, censoring audio, and removing unwanted background noise. Often the sound can be replaced with a better one that was recorded separately. Sometimes you need to shift the audio forward and backward a few frames or extend and shorten the audio by a few frames to create an effect J-cut or L-cut. 

Extracting Audio in Premiere Pro

Before we delve into detaching audio, need to explore the process of extracting it. 

Why is extracting audio in Premiere Pro needed

Extracting audio in Premiere Pro is a useful technique that serves several purposes and offers various benefits to video editors. It creates new audio master clips while preserving the original content. Extracting audio gives you the flexibility to mix and balance multiple audio tracks independently. 

Extracting audio in Premiere Pro provides the flexibility to export the audio separately from the video. This is useful when you need to deliver audio-only files, such as podcasts, music tracks, or sound effects.

How to extract audio in Premiere Pro

Step 1: Select one or more video clips. 

Extract audio in Premiere Pro

Step 2: At the top of the work window, select the section “Clip”. Next, choose “Audio Options,” then click “Extract Audio”.

Extract audio progress bar in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro will create duplicate audio files within a few seconds. The original video clips remain unaffected.

Extracted audio result in Premiere Pro

Detaching Audio in Premiere Pro

Why is detaching audio in Premiere Pro needed

This is necessary to be able to work with audio independently of the video to which this audio is attached. Detaching audio enables you to have more control over the sound-mixing process. Many times, it is essential to detach audio when dealing with multilingual projects that involve subtitles or closed captions. Separating the audio enables you to transcribe the dialogue, translate it into various languages, and precisely synchronize the text with the relevant video frames.

This is particularly beneficial when you have separate audio sources, such as dialogue, background music, sound effects, or voiceovers. You can trim, cut, or rearrange audio clips independently of the video footage. 

How to detach audio in Premiere Pro

Step 1: Select the clip in the timeline where you want to split video and audio.

Unlink audio from video on timeline in Premiere Pro

Step 2: Right-click on the clip and choose ‘Unlink’. 

All ready! Now you can move the audio independently of the video.

Audio deleting process

If you just need to remove the audio and leave the video, then hold down the ALT key and click on the audio clip. Use “Clear” or hotkey “delete” button to remove the original audio track.

Remove audio only on timeline in Premiere Pro


The work of a video editor is multi-functional and requires a lot of knowledge and effort. Fortunately, many software has the necessary features to make the editor’s job easier. One of them is Premiere Pro with the function of unlinking or detaching audio from video. Disconnecting takes place with two mouse clicks or using a hotkey. And that’s all! You can continue working further. Very simple and super convenient.


What is the keyboard shortcut for unlinking audio and video in Premiere Pro?

The keyboard shortcut is Command+L/Control+L.

How can I link audio and video together again in Premiere Pro?

Select the video and audio on the timeline that you want to link. Right-click on them and select “Link” from the pop-up menu. And your video and audio will now move together.

How do I export only the audio file in Premiere Pro?

Move the audio file separately from all other materials on the timeline. Or you can turn off all the extra stuff on the timeline. Select the area you want to export. Call the export menu and select choose the audio format you need (usually this is MP3 ) in the “Format” section. Next, click the “Export” button and you’re done! You exported the audio file only in Premiere Pro.

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