The profession of a video editor requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. Knowledge is probably the most needed. Because the more knowledge, the less effort and time will be needed to implement the project. For this, you need to improve your skills and constantly learn something new. And this time we will learn how to create presets in Adobe Audition to spend less time and effort on technical aspects and direct them to more creative processes.

What are the presets

This is to save settings that can be applied when editing video and audio materials. These presets are stored in effect archives and can be applied to one or more files at once. If we are talking about Adobe Audition, then presets can be of several types: settings of a specific effect that can be saved and applied when applying an effect; settings that are made basic and applied with a hotkey to quickly apply the effect; settings on several effects stored as master and applied all at once by selecting in the “Favorite” window or using a hotkey.

What to create presets for

In short, it is for comfort and time-saving. Let’s imagine that we need to edit 15 audio files. All of them were recorded by the same person under the same conditions. Accordingly, the sound must be processed in the same way all 15 times. We start configuring the first audio file. We reduce noise, normalize, block peaks, etc. All this takes about 10-15 minutes. The first audio is ready, 14 more to go. But how long will it all take? A lot if we do the same thing for every audio. Or a few minutes, if we use, presets.

How to create presets in Adobe Audition

Very easy! It can be done quickly by a professional with many years of experience and an amateur who has just started the path of video editing, and even a beginner who has opened the program for the first time.

Step 1: Open the effect where you want to make a preset

It can be any effect where you can make independent adjustments manually. For example, I have the “Hard Limiter” effect open to raise the overall volume.

How to create preset in Adobe Audition: Hard Limiter

Step 2: Make all the settings and save them to the preset

How to create preset in Adobe Audition: settings

Next, you need to make all the settings so that the sound starts to sound better. When this process is completed, click on the “Save settings as a preset” button located in the upper left corner of the pop-up window of the effect we are applying. A window will appear to name the preset as you like. Click the “OK” button.

How to create preset in Adobe Audition: result

And everything is ready. The newly created preset can be found at the top of the list of all presets when you open the effect.

How to delete preset in Adobe Audition

To delete it, just click on the trash icon “Delete preset” and confirm the deletion.

How to put a preset on a hotkey in Adobe Audition

There is an effect in Adobe Audition called “Normalize (Process)…” that doesn’t allow you to create multiple presets, but you can set it up once and apply it to most audio with the same settings with a hotkey. This can be done. with any effect. To do this, just specify the command that opens this effect under a certain key.

Step 1: Open the hotkey settings window

“Keyboard shortcuts” is located in the upper right corner of your screen, under the “Edit” tab.

How to put a preset on a hotkey in Adobe Audition: where: where it is

Step 2: Set the effect under the hotkey

In the pop-up window in the search, find the effect “Normalize (Process)…” (or the one you want to put under the hotkey). Below should find you the effect. Near the “Shortcut” column opposite the selected effect, press the left mouse key and press the key on your keyboard that you will use to invoke the effect in the future (in my case, it is N).

How to put a preset on a hotkey in Adobe Audition: key settings

Click the “OK” button.

Step 3: Open the effect and make settings there

In my case, open the “Normalize (Process)…” effect using a hotkey. Configure everything and click “OK”.

How to put a preset on a hotkey in Adobe Audition: where: call the key

Everything is ready. In the future, you can invoke the effect with a hotkey and immediately press the “OK” button or the “return” (mac) or “enter” (windows) key. All the last effect settings you made will be saved as the main ones.

How to create a combination of presets in Adobe Audition

If you have several files that need to be processed in the same way, you can apply a combination of presets to all audio files. They will be added as “Favorite” in the corresponding tab.

To make a combination, you need to follow a certain process.

Step 1: We start recording a combination of presets

In the drop-down menu in the upper corner of the monitor, point to “Favorite” and at the very bottom select “Start Recording Favorite…”.

How to create a combination of presets in Adobe Audition: start recording

Step 2: Apply all effects

Then we edit the video as usual. We apply and adjust each effect in turn to make the audio high-quality and loud.

Step 3: Save the combination of presets

After finishing the processing of the audio file, return to the “Favorite” tab and click “Stop Recording Favorite…” there. A window will pop up where you need to name your preset.

How to create a combination of presets in Adobe Audition: stop recording

Once you’ve named the preset, click OK. Done! You can find your preset in the same “Favorite” tab.

How to create a combination of presets in Adobe Audition: result

You can also put this preset combination on a hotkey to apply it faster. Just set it up in “Keyboard shortcuts”.

How to create a combination of presets in Adobe Audition: hotkey

How to import presets into Adobe Audition

In addition to creating presets in Adobe Audition, it is also fashionable to import them. This is for example if you have created a preset and want to share it with your colleagues. It is done in several steps.

Step 1: Open the app

Find the preset you want to import into Adobe Audition in your files. Double-click on it with the left mouse button (open it). You will be immediately transferred to Audition.

Step 2: Choose what you need and save

You will have several tracks. Or just one, it all depends on which preset you have. You can move your audio to each track in turn and hear how the preset is applied to your audio. Choose the one you like the most (or perform with each pose in turn).

How to import presets into Adobe Audition: import file

After that, in the “Effects Rack” window, click the “Save settings as a preset” button and name the preset.

How to import presets into Adobe Audition: settings

That’s all! It can now be found in the same window in the “Presets” drop-down menu.

How to import presets into Adobe Audition: result


It doesn’t matter which method you choose: one or all at once, depending on the situation. The main thing is that you feel comfortable working and that the editing process brings pleasure, not just money.

But I recommend getting used to using hotkeys because it speeds up the work of the editor tremendously. You will reach automatism by performing such processes and you will not need to spend resources and time on thinking where it is unnecessary.

Try it for a week and you will see how much your productivity will increase compared to your old self!

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