Headphones are an indispensable tool in video editing. And it is common that you can work using speakers, but in the professional field, work is done with headphones. Video editors pay a lot of attention to choosing headphones for video editing. We spend decent money on them. And in order for the headphones to last longer, professional video editors take proper care of them.

Handle with care

This is probably the first thing to point out. Careful handling of headphones automatically adds several years of use to them. Be gentle when handling your headphones to avoid any unnecessary strain or damage. Avoid twisting, bending, or pulling the cables forcefully. Hold them by the ear cups or headband, not the cables.

Store them properly

After using the headphones for a long period of video editing, they should be put in a clean place. It would be best to allocate a special place at the table where you work, where the headphones will be stored. Consider also using a dedicated case or pouch to protect them from dust, moisture, and potential impacts.

When transporting, they should also be carefully packed in a case, and not put in a bag. Pay special attention to the cables during transportation. They need to be carefully folded and fixed so that they do not dangle and do not get tangled on the road. If the cables are tangled, they should be untangled carefully, without sudden movements. At the same time, the headphones should lie on your lap or another surface so that they do not pull the cable with their weight.

Clean regularly

The clearest recommendation there can be. If you need to store something for a long time, keep it clean.

Care for headphones should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Different headphone models may have unique maintenance requirements. But in most cases, they should be wiped with a slightly damp soft, lint-free cloth. Gently remove any dirt, fingerprints, or smudges from the ear cups, headband, and cables. Avoid using harsh chemicals or excessive moisture that can damage the materials or electronics.


Do not use polishes in any case. They will damage the surface and if they get into the speaker, they can cause damage to the sound reproduction.

You can also take care of the soft pillows and the bandage separately. They are usually removed from the headphones and can be replaced with new ones, or carefully washed and carefully put back on the headphones.

Don’t share headphones

Quite strange, but logical advice. Headphones are a device used by editors every day. They are selected individually and worn as clothing (or jewelry) by only one person. This is more advice not on the care of headphones, but on hygiene. Sharing headphones may introduce dirt, oils, or sweat from others, which can affect hygiene and potentially damage the ear pads or the drivers. If you do share, consider cleaning the headphones afterward.


Like all other devices, headphones need care. Professional video editors always treat their headphones with care and regularly take care of them, because they know the effort that goes into making money through video editing.

Proper care will not only provide the editor with high-quality work but also increase the useful life of the headphones by several years, which will reduce the costs and time of buying a new device.


Can I use cleaning agents or liquids to clean my headphones? 

Using cleaning agents or liquids is not the best method to clean headphones. It’s best to avoid using this cleaning. In most cases, a soft, lint-free cloth is sufficient for wiping away dirt and smudges. Harsh chemicals or excessive moisture can damage the materials or electronics.

Should I unplug my headphones when not in use? 

Yes, it’s a good habit to unplug your headphones when you’re not using them. This helps prevent accidental damage to the cables, connectors, or headphone jacks. You need to remove it carefully, holding the connector. Do not pull on the cable as this may damage it.

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