Text in videos is becoming an increasingly popular method of communication. It is used in commercials, music videos, and even professional amateur cinema.

Text can be used to convey important information, provide captions for audio, or simply add visual interest to a video. Using text in videos can help viewers understand the message more quickly and effectively than with just audio alone.

How text can be used in a video?

Mostly, the text in the video is used as a broadcast of information (be it statistical numbers, subtitles of the audio series, important messages for the viewer, etc.). In movies, these are most often the opening or closing credits. Titles, date and time, location, etc. are also transmitted using text.

Add text in Premiere Pro

Lazy way: using “Graphics” tab

To add text to the timeline, find the “Graphics” tab, then “New Layer” and “Text”. Or you can choose “Vertical text” if you want your text to be written vertically from top to bottom.

How to add text in Premiere Pro: step 1

Pro way: Using Type Tool

You can add text in Premiere Pro more quickly by using Type Tool (T or Ctrl+T/Cmd+T). After calling the command, click the left mouse button on the place on the video where you want to place the text. In the case of the second combination of Type Tool, the text will automatically appear on the screen and will be ready for editing.

And then you can adjust the text as you need – change the size, font, position, color, and much more.

How to add text in Premiere Pro: result


Different types of text such as titles, subtitles, callouts, and annotations can all be used depending on what type of content you’re hoping to create. When deciding how to use text in videos, it’s important to think about the audience you’re trying to reach and the purpose of the video. Is the goal to teach something? Or are you using your video as a way to tell a story? Understanding these objectives will help inform how you incorporate text into your video.

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