Who is a video editor?

A video editor is a person who puts together all materials into a finished, professional product. This is the last production link in the creation of a video product. 

Video editors are responsible for making sure that all the audio and visual elements of the project come together in a complete picture that tells a story or conveys a message. This process is very important and requires organization, hard work, attention to detail, and creativity. 

The video editor career is simultaneously interesting and stressful. It is caused by long hours of intense concentration while meeting tight deadlines. You need to be focused all the time and be in the right atmosphere to best convey the idea in the montage.

Pros and cons of a video editor job

As in any profession, all the cards are revealed during the work. This allows you to look at your work without a frame and evaluate it fully, with all the pros and cons.

Those who considering video editing, need to know the benefits and cons of this creative process that can help you determine if it’s the right fit for you. 

The advantages include a variety of projects, freelance work, career growth, a great learning platform, the possibility of the realization of creative ideas, the opportunity to become famous, etc.

Cons of video editing: quality of education, costly technical equipment, it takes a lot of time to work, deadlines, the ability to become known only in a narrow circle of persons, etc.

Qualifications: what skills video editor need?

Technical support: knowledge and skills

The editor must have the technical knowledge and skills to use professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, etc. It is necessary not only to know how to use all the tools of the program but also to be able to use them for the correct purpose.

Organization, concentration, and focus

Working as a video editor requires excellent organizational skills – all footage must be organized properly so it can be quickly accessed when needed. All material must be viewed, listened to, and sorted. During work, it is necessary to be constantly focused to not miss important details that will cause additional work in the future.

Video editors office

Distraction and lack of concentration will significantly reduce productivity and quality of work. And this is unacceptable in the video editor career.

It also takes an eye for detail to ensure that the final product meets all the requirements of the client or target audience.

Creativity and sense of time

At first glance, a lot of technical work is in the video editor job, however, creativity plays a big role in creating a quality video product. Video editors are often tasked with communicating ideas in visually exciting ways that capture attention while staying true to the source material and desired outcome. The video editor should be a creative personality with interesting ideas and even more interesting realizations of these ideas.

But do not forget about time. Although most creative professions have unlimited time to work, video editors always have a clearly defined time. Therefore, the time for ideas and their implementation is always limited. The video editor must also be able to work quickly while maintaining a focus on quality control throughout production. 


In addition to constant work at the computer, the video editor must communicate with colleagues (director, screenwriter) or clients, who also decide how the final video product will look. Therefore, the editor needs to be able to listen and understand his interlocutor even when their thoughts are not fully understood. You also need to be able to express your thoughts correctly and clearly so that you don’t have to do extra work due to misunderstandings

Good communication skills are key for working with clients and colleagues throughout the entire production process. 

Patience and stress resistance

The video editor career is sometimes monotonous or conversely – requires working quickly right on the set. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient and stress-resistant. 

Oftentimes, much time can be spent scoping out suitable clips for a specific scene or making edits that require precision and focus. The video editor must remain focused during this tedious process to ensure accuracy and quality work. 

Stress resistance is equally as important as having patience when it comes to being a successful video editor. This profession often involves working with tight deadlines to meet production goals, thus requiring lots of hard work under pressure with «little room» for mistakes.


The video editor job is the final component of creating a video product. It is at this stage that the mistakes of colleagues are corrected, the ideas of the screenwriter or the author of the idea are improved, or new interesting solutions are created. All parts of the work are being finalized: video, audio, music, effects, color, etc. This is the last stage before the video product sees the light, so the video editor should not make a mistake. So, responsibility is one of the essential skills for a video editor.

Some conclusions

So, as in any profession, the work of a video editor requires the necessary skills. No one forces you to master everything perfectly, you can also work as a video editor without them. But do not forget that their absence will have a direct impact on the quality and speed of work. And therefore, the lack of skills will have a direct impact on your earnings. Let’s talk about it.

Editor’s career: salary, difficulties, and nuances.

Freelance or employee?

A video editor job is an exciting career opportunity for creative and tech-savvy professionals. 

As a freelance video editor, you can take on jobs from anywhere in the world and have the freedom to design your schedule. With official employment, you’ll receive benefits and stability in exchange for dedicating yourself to one company or organization. 

Both forms of job have their advantages and disadvantages:

FreelanceOfficial employment
Career progressionLow level of career growth, as you need to independently promote your name.A high level of career growth, because there is an opportunity to develop in the video studio and develop the video studio itself.
EarningsUnstable It depends on the number of projects that are found yourself.Stable. A video studio provides permanent work, and therefore stable earnings.
Work scheduleFree but taking into account deadlines. The work schedule is drawn up independently.Free or clearly established (by agreement with the employer). Compliance with deadlines is mandatory.
Variety of projectsGreat variety. The project is chosen independently.Limited or sufficient. Usually, a video studio specializes in some field (for example weddings).
Technical supportSufficient or almost sufficient. Depends on your budget. Everything necessary is bought with your funds.Sufficient or good. Equipment is purchased with own funds or provided by the studio. The combination is possible if you have your equipment, but it is not enough for full-fledged work (additional monitors, etc.).
Difficulty of workAverage or sufficient. Depends on the chosen project and own ideas or capabilities. Progress is optional.Sufficient or high. Usually, the studio chooses which project needs to be done, so progress is mandatory.

Whether you’re looking to work as a freelancer or secure official employment, the great video editor job can open up a wide range of possibilities. So, it all comes down to personal preference depending on your goals and lifestyle. Whichever path you choose, rest assured that the rewards will be great through a successful video editor career!

Can I make a living with a video editor career?

Yes! You can live comfortably on a video editor’s salary.

Salary depends on your efforts

Another question is how well you can live. And here everything depends on the method of payment: monthly rate or payment per project.

Rate per month

Agrees with an employer or regular client. The scope and complexity of the work can range from simple to complex, depending on the project. Earnings increase if the work is done well and within the specified deadlines (preferably even earlier).

Payment for the project

It directly depends on the project. The more complex the project, the higher the payment, but the volume of work increases.

What is a good salary for a video editor job?

And now a little more concrete. Let’s talk about the real numbers that a video editor can earn:

  • $12.13-$35.05 per hour
  • $2,002-$5,782 per month
  • $28,273-$81,663 per year

Salary depends on education, seniority, skills, workload, etc.

So, does video editing pay well? – Yes! Does video editing pay a lot? – Yes, if you work well.

Is video editor a stable career?

With the increasing prevalence of video media in today’s world, the need for editors is only growing. As technology advances and more tools become available to editors, so too does the demand for experienced professionals who can make quick work of any project. Video editor career has many options when it comes to finding jobs: from freelancing on their terms to steady projects with established video companies. For those looking for a stable career path with strong earning potential, video editing may be just what you’re looking for. 

How long does it take to become a professional video editor?

No one can say for sure. The answer to this question depends on the level of proficiency you want to reach. If you’re looking to just dabble in basic editing, then you can be up and running in less than two weeks. For this, you just need to learn the basic tools in the program and know the basics of video editing.

Video editor work behind the scene

However, if you plan on mastering more complex editing techniques such as color correction or animation, then that could take several months or even years depending on experience level. Basic knowledge will not be enough here. It is necessary to learn additional materials and learn new tools that can be used during work.

And if go into philosophy, you can say that to become a real professional you need to study and develop all your life. And there is a lot of truth here because only those who constantly improve their video editing skills reach career heights.

Final Thoughts

After everything is written, I share my thoughts about the career of a video editor. Maybe it will help you make an important choice in your life.

I have been working in a video studio for 6 years. Before that, I worked as a freelancer for about a year. During all this time, I attended quite a few educational lectures, read several books (there are very few of them), and made more than 300 projects. I worked with various clients and experienced probably the entire spectrum of emotions together with them. I try to improve my skills every working day so that every next project is better than the previous one.

My knowledge grows every year, as does my experience. Every year, my salary also increases. Colleagues, clients, and employers recognize my editing style. I have not regretted for a single day that I chose such a profession. I love her with all her complications and challenges.

Conclusion: Is a video editing career right for you?

Before taking on any new career pursuit, it’s essential to understand your motivations and aptitudes to make the best decisions. 

The video editor job is an exciting and rewarding career path that provides those in the industry with numerous opportunities to hone their skills. You must be able to work quickly while still paying attention to detail to create something that truly captivates viewers. Video editing requires an eye for detail, patience, and dedication. In addition, knowing popular software tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro helps give you an edge in the competitive world of video editing.

If those qualities align with your interests then there’s no reason why this path wouldn’t be right for you! If you’re looking for a creative challenge, then a video editor career might just be what you need!

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